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Unlock Your Creative Potential With The Morning Pages Writing Ritual

The Morning Pages Writing Ritual is here to help you transform your week. Whether you’re a seasoned journaler or a curious beginner, this 30-minutes weekly free event promises inspiration, connection and personnal growth.

Do you feel that journaling could help you but you struggle to make it a consistant habit? Do you know about Julia Cameron’s morning pages but find it hard to stick with them? Or maybe you simply want to start your week with a fresh, positive mindset surrounded by a supportive community?

If any of these resonate with you then this is the perfect solution.


What to expect

A Warm Welcome: Start your week with a friendly, encouraging group of like-minded individuals. 

Guided session: A brief introduction and instructions (5 minutes) to help you get the most out of your morning pages

Writing Time: Spend 20 minutes diving into your thoughts and creativity, writing freely and without judgment

Feedback & Discussion: Conclude with a 5-minute session for optional sharing and feedback.

Topical Content: Explore themes like happiness, burnout, creativity and the healing power of writing.


Why join?

Cultivate a Habit: Establish a consistent writing routine that boosts creativity and mental clarity. 

Self-Expression: Explore your inner thoughts and express yourself freely.

Overcome Challenges: Get past fears and negativity through the healing power of journaling.

Community Connection: Connect with others who share your passion for writing and personal growth.

Start Fresh: Begin your day and week with a ritual that promotes happiness, self-care and self-discovery.


What you’ll need

  • Your favorite notebook and pen
  • A cup of your favorite morning drink
  • An open mind and the readiness to write


Meet your host

I’m Barbara, a creative and adventurous soul with a passion for journaling. I’ve been writing morning pages since 2010. Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” helped me overcome burnout and transformed my life. Now, I’m excited to share this powerful practice with you.

Looking forward to writing with you every monday morning! 

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