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The first step to create a life that brings you happiness and is in alignment with who you are is clarity: knowing what is it that you really want, where you want to go, who you want to be.

This guided exercise will help you reconnect to your deepest heart’s desire.

And with a clear vision you’ll navigate through life with more confidence, more motivation, more energy, more sense of meaning, your actions will be aligned and your decisions easier to make.

I’m here for you

I know it can be challenging sometimes. I’m here for you.

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About me

I am a life coach and a creativity facilitator. Twelve years ago I went through a big burnout and manage to recover, finding myself back on this path. Now I can help you rebuild after burnout and enjoy life again. I’ll help you get back on track, ease your anxiety, rediscover what lights you up, unlock your inner creativity, express yourself fully, achieve your true potential, take the steps needed and live in the flow where magic can happen.


Women are transforming their lives already!

”In 1 session with Barbara, I had more clarity than in the last several months.”

“Working with Barbara is a pleasure. She helped me reconnect to my authentic creative self and get a clear picture of what was really important. I was overwhelmed and stuck with my work and it was burning me out but in 1 session with Barbara, I had more clarity than in the last several months. It felt like a huge weight fell off my shoulders. After our session, I knew exactly what I had to do next and all that anxiety and confusion was gone. Thank you Barbara for the amazing support!”

Aleksandra K., UK

Step by step I am becoming more and more the person I am.”

“I was at a point in my life and especially my career where I knew I needed to change something, it was not fulfilling anymore, I felt stressed, stuck and discouraged. Working with Barbara gave me some important insights and helped me understand who I was and what my real aspirations were. Step by step I am becoming more and more the person I am, I left my corporate job and started my own dream business. I feel so alive and full of energy now. Thank you Barbara, I felt understood and supported through every step of this incredible journey.”

Lola T., Portugal

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