Developing a creative mindset will help you in all areas of your life


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As a life coach I will support you through your journey of self recovery and self discovery. I’ll help you reconnect to your true self, your dreams and transform your life by listening, questioning,…and the help of coaching tools and techniques.

As a creativity facilitator, I’ll help you develop your creative mindset. This will help you clarify your vision and dream to create the life you want by finding new ways of doing and being that are in alignment with who you truly are. It will broaden your perspectives, help you think out-of-the-box and bring more fun and joy back into your life with the help of tools and creative activities.


Together we will

Define your vision and dream life

Identify limiting beliefs and barriers that are holding you back and work through them.

Work on your mindset, your creativity with a set of techniques and tools I learned and use

Reconnect to your inner child

Set goals and make a plan

Put in place healthier habits to support you on your journey

Bring more joy and fun back into your life

We’ll meet once a week and I’ll provide you with encouragement and support throughout this journey

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We assesses what you want to achieve and how I can help you


We’ll personalize your coaching to best suit your needs

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