Reiki and animals

I discovered Reiki when I was burned out. I was feeling so down, exhausted. I was looking for ways to regain some energy and balance. That’s when a friend of mine talked to me about reiki. I was sceptical at first but decided to try it. And it was mind blowing! After one session I felt like my batteries were charged again. It felt so great that I decided to learn it so I could give myself energy as often as I needed to and I could also help others. I went all the way to become a teacher. Since then I never stopped using it. On myself, on people, plants, animals…and teaching others. Everyday I have proof that it is working. It feels so good to give back.

And as a animal lover, I am happy and grateful to have a tool that can help them. Animals are very sensitive to energy. 

In 2018 I had the chance to volunteer in an animal shelter in Zimbabwe the “Twala Trust animal sanctuary”. It was a dream come true. They are taking good care of so many animals like cats, dogs, parrots, squirrels, monkeys, owls, birds, tortoises, lions, genets, horses, jackals… They are doing an incredible job over there helping and caring for all of them.

Don’t hesitate to check them on FB at

You’ll see by yourself how great it is and they need all the help and support they can get to continue their work.

I spent two incredible weeks there, taking care of the animals, feeding them, playing with them,… And meeting very nice people from around the world with the same passion for caring and animals. My room mate was a 3 legs squirrel named CJ. She was sooooo cute. Just watch the video below and don’t tell me you didn’t fell in love with her after that! 

One day CJ had a cold so I gave her reiki for a few days, she knew it helped her because she just curled into my hands to receive it as soon as she saw me and she recovered quickly.


Shani the lioness needed the help of reiki too. She was very anxious. I gave her reiki for a few days (distance reiki, you need level 2 for that). It was funny looking at her trying not to fall asleep during our sessions. Sara, the founder of Twala, told me it was the first time she saw Shani lay down in front of a stranger. After our sessions she was more calme. Thank you Reiki 🙏

These are just 2 examples of how reiki energy can help animals. Just in our local shelters there are many animals needing our help, stressed and frightened dogs or cats, injured ones… that could benefit from energy healing too. I could tell you so many beautiful stories. I feel so grateful.


What about you? Are you familiar with energy healing? Do you use it? 

And what about your dreams? Do you manage to make some of them come true? What other dreams are waiting to be lived and experienced? They are there for a reason, they are part of who you are and what you came to experience in this lifetime. Start your list, now is the perfect time. 



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